4-Bromobenzyl bromide
2-Bromobenzyl bromide
3-Bromobenzyl bromide
4-Bromobenzoic acid
2-Bromobenzoic acid
3-Bromobenzoic acid
4-Bromobenzyl alcohol
2-Bromobenzyl alcohol
3-Bromobenzyl alcohol
4-Bromobenzyl cyanide
2-Bromobenzyl cyanide
4-Bromophenylacetic acid
2-Bromophenylacetic acid
METHYL 4-Bromobenzoate
        Wuxi Southward Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd,is located at   District B HUDAI Industrial Park in Wuxi suburb with excellent environment and convenient traffic condition.The knock-out produ-cts of the company are mainly in the Fleroxacin and o,p-bromo toluene   fields.Especially for theo-bromo toluene & p-bromo toluene,which the company manufactures at a   large scale with very high purity, are much popular in American and European chemical market and have   owned well reputation from the customers for their high quality and reasonable price.They also make great contribution to the development of some relevant chemicals in China.
        The company has ISO9001 and 2000 Quality System Certification and Producing Licence. Now adays the factory also pays a great attention to develop new chemicals of o,p-bromo toluene derivative,such as aldehyde series,and benzyl bromide series,etc.,through advance method andprocess tomeet the inquiries of the customers and become more and more competitive both in the International and Civil market.
        The company has always been working hard not only to innovate new   technique but also to mote the service in the business,Through this way,the stuffs expect to   consolidate their reputation in the customers and to establish a promising fine chemical enterprise with   their own trait.
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